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Licensed Wetland Survey Mappers serving Palatka, FL

There are many areas throughout the State of Florida, including Palatka, that have one or more parcels of land that could be subject to flooding. Our wetland mappers use sophisticated technology to identify land in Palatka and surrounding communities that are prone to flooding. A wetland is an area or land parcel that is under water for two or more weeks in a given year. A wetland location survey is required before any construction project can begin. We also provide business owners and homeowners with a flood elevation certificate which is often required for obtaining a mortgage and insurance. 

Wetland Location Survey

Considering that the elevation in Palatka is 30 feet above sea level and is in close proximity to major lakes and streams, construction firms, engineers and other interested parties can consult with our licensed wetland mappers and surveyors to obtain a location survey prior to commencing a local construction project. Since wetlands change over time, a wetland location survey is recommended every five years. Our wetland mappers provide an accurate representation of the size, scope and boundaries of wetlands in a defined geographical area. Upon completion the wetland location survey can be provided to state, federal and local government agencies and other interested parties as required for the commencement of a construction project.

Flood Elevation Certificate

Residential and commercial structures that are located in special hazard zones are required to have flood insurance. The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) is operated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and provides flood insurance to homeowners and businesses that are in a special hazard zone. Our wetland mappers collect data and other important information to delineate wetland boundaries in Palatka, FL that is required for providing a flood elevation certificate. In order to obtain any required flood insurance, homeowners and businesses must provide FEMA with an elevation certificate.

Before starting a construction project in Palatka, FL, get accurate data from proven and reliable licensed wetland mappers. Contact us at 386-740-4144 or visit us online for a free estimate today!  Ask us about our wetland location surveys and elevation certificates.